LG has a brand new TV that it wants people to buy, and its got a pretty high price tag.

If you tuned in to watch the Super Bowl over the weekend, you probably saw LG's 65-inch Signature OLED 4K Smart TV starring in a commercial alongside Liam Neeson. As reported by USA Today, that very TV is now available in select stores across the country, and anyone interested in owning one can pre-order it now. You just have to make sure you have the $8000 to spend on it.

The ultra-slim TV supports HDR (including Dolby Vision), 3D and Smart Share. According to LG, it's capable of achieving perfect black and infinite contrast, resulting in "lifelike" images that only OLED displays can provide. It also ships with the latest version of webOS 3.0 and a voice-control remote.

If 65-inches is too small for you, there's a 77-inch set to come later this year, but LG hasn't set a price for it just yet. Orders placed for the "smaller" version of the TV will be filled within 60 days.