A previously unseen Justice League still features the armored suit Batman used in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Warner Bros.' first superhero ensemble film was Zack Snyder's third and final movie for the DCEU after previously helming Man of Steel and Batman V Superman. However, while he got sole directing credit for Justice League, it was actually Joss Whedon who ultimately had a say on the theatrical version of the movie, having manned the extensive reshoots after Snyder had to step down from the project due to personal tragedy.

Bruce wore two suits in Justice League. One is his standard costume which fans saw him wear in the first and second acts of the movie. He then changed to a tactical suit before going off to battle Steppenwolf and the legion of Parademons during the film's final action set piece. The latter version was specially designed to give him more protection when fighting other-worldly threats. But, apparently, the film also featured an older armor from BvS, although he didn't use it.

A never-before-seen Justice League still courtesy of batman.bagflop.com (via CBR) reveals an image featuring Bruce Wayne and Alfred having a conversation while the damaged armored suit that Batman wore to fight Superman in Dawn of Justice can be seen in the background. The snap is more likely part of an unused section of the League's first arrival in the Batcave after Aquaman officially joined the team judging by the characters' clothes. Check out the image below:

It's no secret that Justice League was significantly changed when Whedon took over, leaving a trail of previously shot footage by Snyder that didn't make the film's final cut, and this is most likely one of them. While there's a good chance that featuring Batman's BvS tactical suit in Justice League was supposed to be nothing more than a fun reminder of the previous brawl between the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel, it would have been a great way to tie the two Snyder films together - something that would've properly serviced Warner Bros.' hopes of building an interconnected cinematic franchise.

Other than the cameo from the armored Batsuit, it's also curious to know what the exchange between Bruce and Alfred would've been about. Batman's right-hand man was supposed to play a bigger part in Justice League than what he ultimately did. A previously revealed deleted scene from the movie after Superman was resurrected featured Alfred telling the Man of Steel that Bruce was confident Clark would eventually help them defeat Steppenwolf. One would be interested in knowing if Bruce and Alfred's scrapped conversation had anything to do with Superman considering that all throughout the film, their conversations somehow always rounded back on the events of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Man of Steel's sacrificial death.