Monsters are hunting Emily Blunt and her family in a new international trailer for Paramountís A Quiet Place. John Krasinski co-stars in the horror film, directed by Krasinski himself from a script by Krasinski, Bryan Woods, and Scott Beck. The chilling movieís first U.S. TV spot premiered during Super Bowl LII. The first A Quiet Place teaser dropped back in November.

In A Quiet Place, something terrible has been unleashed, forcing Blunt, Krasinski, and their three children to live in isolation. The movieís monster(s) can sense even the slightest sound, no matter how small. Because of this, the family must take insane precautions to mask all their movements. But in spite of all their super-human efforts, Blunt and Krasinski still canít keep their family safe from whatever lurks out there in the world, waiting to strike.

A new international trailer for the aptly-named A Quiet Place has debuted via Paramount Pictures Germany. The new, longer clip features footage not seen in the Super Bowl spot, offering greater insight into the filmís incredibly high-tension premise. Watch the trailer in the space above.

The trailer opens with Emily Blunt looking at a haphazard array of monitors, witnessing news reports of some kind of terrible apocalypse. We then see a series of images setting up the movieís premise. Something really bad is out there. To protect themselves from this threat, the family must speak in sign language and walk on sand trails to muffle their footfalls. Quickly, we learn just how perilous the situation is. One of the children becomes absent-minded for just a second and falls behind the others. The sound of the kidís toy immediately rouses something in the woods, and panic ensues.

Just what sort of monster lurks out there in the darkness? Our only clues are a fleeting glimpse of a shape, and some giant claw marks tearing up a wall. To make matters even scarier, Blunt is pregnant with another child. A poignant moment shows Blunt listening to the sounds of her baby with a stethoscope. Later, we see Blunt climbing into a tub, apparently going into labor. This entire premise seems designed to tear the heart right out of anyone who has kids, and has experienced what itís like to feel that the world around them is full of dangers they are helpless to protect their children from.

John Krasinski has certainly handed himself a tough assignment for his third feature film as a director. Much of the movie obviously plays out in silence, an approach which could try some viewersí patience. A Quiet Place on the surface has the look of a potentially effective horror thriller, but weíll have to wait and see what Krasinski and company have actually delivered.