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Thread: Margot Robbie & SLJ Have Met with Tarantino for Manson Murder Movie

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    Margot Robbie & SLJ Have Met with Tarantino for Manson Murder Movie

    Samuel L. Jackson may be teaming up with Quentin Tarantino yet again, on the director’s next project. Murder is no stranger to Tarantino, or at least no stranger to the man’s films. Nary a Tarantino film goes by without some type of body count, and for the most part, the man’s fans wouldn’t have it any other way. Violent action is definitely one of Tarantino’s trademarks, but never before has he ventured into the realm of reenacting actual violent crime. That all changed yesterday, when it was revealed that Tarantino is set to write and direct a film about the infamous Manson Family murders.

    Yesterday’s report suggested that both Brad Pitt – star of Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds – and Jennifer Lawrence – who the director originally wanted to star in The Hateful Eight – were in consideration for lead roles. However, today brings with it a new report that suggests two completely different actors are up for lead roles. Of course, it’s unclear if the roles in question are the same in both reports, as story details are murky so far.

    According to Deadline, Tarantino’s constant collaborator Samuel L. Jackson is likely to play a lead role in the Manson murders movie, which obviously comes as no surprise. If Tarantino has a muse, it’s arguably SLJ. Deadline‘s sources also say that Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie has met with Tarantino about playing Sharon Tate, Roman Polanski’s deceased wife, and one of the Manson Family’s most well-known victims.

    As mentioned above, it’s unclear if Pitt and Lawrence are being considered for the same roles as Jackson and Robbie, although it’s not hard to imagine Lawrence playing Tate if offered the part. Tarantino has yet to comment on the project one way or another, but it’s rumored that the script is centered on Tate. Another big question mark is whether or not Tarantino will actually cast an actor as Manson, or leave him in the shadows while focusing on the acts committed in his name by his deranged followers.

    If Tarantino does opt to portray Manson on-screen, the casting of the role will be crucial, as Manson has been played by literally dozens of actors on both film and TV over the years. One of the more recent portrayals of Manson came on NBC’s short-lived Aquarius, which cast Game of Thrones vet Gethin Anthony as the cult-leading psycho. That series also depicted the Tate murder. Still, it’s doubtful Tarantino is concerned about his subject having been covered several times already. If he’s decided to make the film, chances are he thinks he can bring something to the story that no other director could.
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    thanks @Axort for sharing this, look very interesting..
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    @Rhialto the last Tarantino Movie wasn't the best as i think, but still i hope this could become a good one
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