Tom Hiddleston could have sported a very different hairdo when he returned to reprise his role as Chris Hemsworthís conniving brother in Thor: Ragnarok if this new concept artwork received the go-ahead from Marvel Studios. The fan-favorite British actor returned into the thick of the Marvel Cinematic Universe last year to play Asgardís royal adopted son in the third installment of the God of Thunderís own sub-franchise.

Arguably, what makes Loki memorable in terms of aesthetics are his mischievous smile and black hair. But just as how director Taika Waititi attempted to revitalize the Thor franchise by getting rid of the old and introducing a lot of things that are new, there was a time that Odinís adopted son could have sported a very different hair-do. Just like his brother, he could have had a haircut for a cleaner, slicker look based on a newly emerged concept art for Ragnarok.

Marvel artist Aleksi Briclo showcases his artwork on Loki with a shaven cut on the sides with the middle part retaining its hair, almost looking like a longer mohawk. Aside from the Prince of Mischief looking all mighty with his usual green-colored robes, Fenris Wolf is notably in the background of the image Ė an odd pairing considering that the creature was Helaís loyal companion. Check out the illustration shared by the creatorís official Instagram account below:

Itís difficult to imagine Loki without the signature long locks heís sported since we first met him in 2011 in Thorís debut movie. Over the course of the years, appearing for three more movies (Avengers, Thor: The Dark World and Ragnarok) he continues to sport the slightly longer do than your usual menís cut. And while the artwork makes him look more menacing and ruthless, it takes away from the characterís sense of mischief and playfulness. Keeping his longer mane sort of maintains his existing characterization as a conniving character that sometimes does the right thing, but other times opt to choose the wrong ones.

Itís safe to say that Marvel Studios will be sticking with Lokiís long locks when Avengers: Infinity War and the still-untitled Avengers 4 movie (if he survives until then) rolls out. But word has it, that much like the principal heroes of the MCU, that the flip-flopping character could meet his end in either of the films. Considering that he will be with mad Titan Thanos throughout this endeavor, it will be interesting whether heíll die a hero or a villain.