A full trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle will arrive on Monday, and to tide fans over Fox have released a second teaser. The boys in suits are back as we edge closer to the release of the sequel to 2015’s surprise hit Kingsman: The Secret Service. That film introduced us to the stiff-upper-lipped world of Colin Firth’s Harry Hart and his London-based spy group. The Golden Circle expands on that, taking audiences to meet Kinsman’s American counterpart, the Statesmen. Headed up by Jeff Bridges’ Agent Champagne, the ranks of the USA organization include Berry, Tatum, and Pedro Pascal as the humorously named Jack Daniels.

Creative duo Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goodman are again on directing and writing duties respectively, telling the continued story of Taron Egerton’s gentile super spy Eggsy. The movie’s marketing has already been impressive, with posters teasing the return of Colin Firth and presence of Elton John. Now a trailer is imminent.

Following on from the recent blink-and-you’ll-miss-it tease, a slightly longer clip has been released ahead of the full trailer drop tomorrow. You can check it out above.

While it is still fast-paced, we do get more of a chance to see Egerton in action as his cocky cockney. Alongside the film’s hero, we also get a glimpse of Halle Berry’s techy Ginger, Channing Tatum going full cowboy while spinning a shotgun, and a dramatic cab chase. We also see Eggsy going up against a one-armed foe, but is this a full-blown antagonist or just a muscular henchman?

From what we know, the plot follows a new threat after the headquarters of the Kingsmen is destroyed. Our heroes must ally themselves with the Statesmen and work together to defeat a common enemy. Moving away from Samuel L Jackson’s lisping Richmond Valentine in the first film, our new villain is portrayed by Julianne Moore, who has been described as “America’s sweetheart gone wrong“. On a bigger scale, Vaughn has pitched the sequel as bigger and better than the original, so hopes are naturally high.

What we’re yet to see is Firth’s Hart, who despite seemingly meeting his demise at the end of The Secret Service will return. The specifics of his magical resurrection are a closely guarded secret, but it’s possible we’ll get some clues when the full trailer drops. We’ll find out tomorrow.