Wonder Woman fans knew to get excited for more of General Antiope in Justice League, and the first glimpse of Robin Wright’s character seems to have been revealed. While her fate in the Amazon warrior’s solo movie would typically remove her from sequels, DC has gotten around that hurdle by emphasizing Antiope’s role in the history of the DC Movie Universe, not necessarily its future. Specifically, Antiope will be on hand with the rest of her Amazon sisters when the people of Earth fight back against Steppenwolf’s first attempt at invading the planet. And judging by the glimpse of her in new Justice League footage, her younger self is just as dedicated to the carnage of combat.

There’s no denying the studio’s interest in getting as much of Wonder Woman‘s cast and style on the screen as possible, as is the case whenever one spinoff or solo star becomes the most well-received. Yet the role of Antiope and Wonder Woman’s mother Hippolyta has been set since the beginning. As one of the three armies united against the Justice League villain thousands of years in the past (along with Humans and Atlanteans), the Amazons’ queen and greatest warrior are, understandably, leading the charge.

That ancient prologue has taken the spotlight in Justice League‘s marketing lately, since it appears to be filled with spectacle, richly colored carnage, and more than a few moments showing the kind of destruction Apokolips can inflict on entire worlds. It’s the kind of fight Antiope wouldn’t be likely to miss – and fans going frame-by-frame can enjoy her dispatching a Parademon up close and personal.

It’s hard to say exactly how Amazons age, if at all, but in Wonder Woman there was at least the implication that Hippolyta and Antiope aged in some form, be it physical or intellectually. Robin Wright’s refusal to age in any meaningful sense makes it even harder to pin down what effects, if any, will be used to make Antiope appear ‘younger’ than the version Wonder Woman fans have already met. But her less substantial armor, her even wider grin while plunging a blade into a Parademon’s gut, and the easy-to-spot, but never explained scar on Antiope’s arm give fans a few details to ponder.

The design of Antiope’s armor in this ancient prologue also seems a match for artwork used in Wonder Woman’s recent Justice League trailer. That’s worth mentioning since that artwork appears to be based on an actual photograph or frame of Antiope, Connie Nielsen’s Hippolyta, Lisa Loven Kongsli’s Menalippe, and an unidentified fourth Amazon. The image depicts the four women on horses outfitted for battle, seemingly surveying a battlefield (all evidence implying the battle with Steppenwolf acting as the presumed centerpiece of the Amazon flashbacks). Take a look:

The armor on this younger Antiope and hairstyle match the one slaughtering the Parademon as part of the Amazon charge, still wearing the headband bestowed upon the Amazons’ greatest warrior (thousands of years before Diana would accept it after her death). Since the puzzle pieces connect, fans will want to take a look at Hippolyta’s new crown, appearing different from both her Wonder Woman and modern era Justice League headpieces.

Also worth noting: the armor being worn by Hippolyta, which just might resemble the wardrobe of Wonder Woman, if this image is a sign of the final design. If the movie shows Antiope’s first run-in with the forces of Apokolips, then it’s a safe bet Hippolyta will get the same treatment, and then some. Hopefully, they passed their experiences with Steppenwolf down to their youngest member, too – perhaps ina a nighttime story session the film failed to include?

What do you think of these glimpses? Do you think it would be thrilling to see Zack Snyder show the already-wondrous women who eventually become the stars of the Wonder Woman movie? Or would it make more sense fictionally if the changes are superficial? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments.