Iconic TV game show Jeopardy! - hosted by Alex Trebek - makes its streaming debut on Hulu, presenting an array of fan-favorite episodes. In the history of TV as a medium, the game show has always been a steady presence. In essence, a good game show is the perfect choice for something to put on when one is looking for a quick piece of leisurely entertainment that doesn't usually require the full attention of the viewer. However, one game show that does tend to command audience attention is Jeopardy!, which airs in syndication across the U.S.

Debuting way back in 1964 with host Art Fleming, it wasn't until Trebek took over hosting duties in 1984 that Jeopardy! really broke out as a piece of popular culture. Trebek has now hosted Jeopardy! for an astounding 34 years and 7000-plus episodes, making him a first ballot TV hall of famer by any conceivable measure. Unlike many other quiz-oriented game shows, part of the draw of Jeopardy! is its often challenging questions (or technically, answers), offering viewers at home a chance to truly test their level of accumulated knowledge. If they're wrong, they've just learned a new fact. If they're right, it's time to boast about it to whoever else might be in the room or friends on social media.

Now, for the first time, hardcore Jeopardy! fans can get their fix of some of the show's best episodes via the Hulu streaming service. As of today, 60 specially curated episodes have been added to Hulu's on-demand library. These episodes spotlight some of Jeopardy's most popular events, including the Tournament of Champions, the College Championship, and Kids Week. Record-setting contestants like Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter are also featured in the collection.

As cool as this curated collection of Jeopardy's! best material might be, many fans are still bound to be disappointed that such a small number of episodes from the show's massive run are being made available. Thankfully, Hulu will be refreshing its Jeopardy! line-up periodically, so that dedicated viewers are provided with new material on a semi-regular basis. That's probably the most anyone could realistically expect, as putting up the entire library would likely require a gigantic amount of time, and also make it very difficult for Hulu's users to navigate through everything.

Interestingly, it's unclear how much longer Trebek will remain at the helm of Jeopardy! going forward. The host recently revealed that there's a good chance he might retire following the expiration of his current contract in 2020. It's not for certain yet that he'll relinquish the Jeopardy! mantle, but it's doubtful he'd say something like that publicly if he wasn't considering the option. If he leaves, at least fans will always have his old episodes to go back to.