While most fans of the MCU are largely focused on the efforts made on the big screen, the TV installments continue to expand. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just had its fourth season premiere with solid ratings, but there is already plenty of excitement for Luke Cage to hit this Friday. Marvel is not going to keep the TV properties on just ABC or Netflix however. They have already announced a Cloak & Dagger series in the works at Freeform (a sister network of ABC), but more recently they announced that Runaways will be making their debut on Hulu.

The Runaways property was initially considered for a big screen release, but with the new series being put to order on Hulu, those plans are officially dead. While there was no potential date for the series to debut when it was announced, it seems they want it as soon as possible. Now it appears the series has found its first writer.

Tamara Becher just revealed on her Twitter that she is writing the Runaways series for Hulu and she begins on this journey today. Becher got her foot in the door with Marvel after working on the upcoming Iron Fist TV series on Netflix. With her being brought back for another MCU TV series on a different streaming service, it seems Marvel was pleased with her work. Check out her announcement tweet below:


With the series already starting to find writers, it could indicate production on Runaways will begin in less than a year. Becher will not be the only writer attached to the series of course, so more writers should be joining the project in the near future. Since Iron Fist is not yet out, it is difficult to say whether or not she is a good fit for the series Ė so fans can only trust in Marvel at this point.

Runaways could be a tough adaptation to the small screen, but Hulu is not a traditional network. There should be a bigger budget to account for superpowers (and dinosaurs), but the focus and success of the series will not be reliant upon the special effects budget, but instead how well they can adapt the characters to the small screen. These kids become heroes after learning of the evil that their parents are a part of. It will be up to Becher and whatever other writers join to make that their top priority.