Fox’s Gotham could be adding Bane’s father to the season 5 cast. The Batman prequel is looking to add to their already extensive list of villains in what will be their final season. The call has been sent out for the role of Eduardo Dorrance, a recurring character who will appear towards the end of the season’s short run.

Gotham follows the early days of Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon as they struggle to save their beloved city from endless threats. After a drop in ratings for season 4, the network decided season 5 would be Gotham’s last. While the final season will also be the show’s shortest with only ten episodes, it doesn’t look like showrunners are going to pull any punches. If anything, it appears that fans can expect more foes to threaten the show’s protagonists.

According to THS, Fox is looking to fill the role of Eduardo Dorrance. They describe the character as follows:

“First up we have Eduardo Dorrance who is a male of any ethnicity in his mid-30s-early 40s who will be a recurring guest star. Described as being really well fit, Eduardo has been a warrior for quite some time now, as he has the commitment of a tireless soldier to follow every kind of order he is given. He is intolerant to betrayal, hence his full loyalty to his fellow soldiers.”

The name should sound familiar to Batman fans. Called Edmund Dorrance in the comics, Dorrance or King Snake was a member of the British Army turned mercenary. While working in Santa Prisca with a group of rebels, Dorrance and his camp were attacked. Although he got away, he left for dead a female rebel who, unbeknownst to him, was pregnant with his child. The rebel and her son were thrown in jail by the Santa Prisca government, forced to suffer for Dorrance’s crimes. The child would grow up to become Bane.

THS revealed that Fox is looking for a second recurring character named Theresa Walker. The site describes the character:

“Then we have the character of Theresa Walker who is a woman of any ethnicity in her 20s and would also be a recurring guest star. Extremely smart as well as driven, she was born and intended to be a leader as she takes control immediately in any room that she is in. Busy planning her next move constantly, Theresa has a major commitment to not just her mission, but also her family.”

There is no Theresa Walker in the DC Comics, so the name could be a cover, or she could be a new character created strictly for the show.

Final seasons are often bittersweet as fans prepare to say goodbye to some of their favorite characters. With Bruce Wayne on the cusp of becoming the Dark Knight and Selina Kyle almost ready to set off on her own as Catwoman, this could be the ideal time for the show to come to a close. Their final transformations could work as the perfect send off. Ten episodes could feel as too brief a season for some. But what the season lacks in length, Gotham plans to make up for with content, including a host of new threats as well as more references for hardcore Batman fans to enjoy. However Fox plans to wrap up Gotham, hopefully, they will do so in a style befitting the Dark Knight.