As seen in not only the movies but the animated television shows as well, the world of Ghostbusters isnít merely limited to just one kind of ghost. Many are just standard human-like apparitions, but there is the occasional few who not only look a bit different, but also possess different abilities. Itís a part of the style of the horror-comedy franchise, and an element that is coming back in the Paul Feig-directed reboot coming out this summer.

The filmmaker himself addressed the variety of ghosts we can expect to see in Ghostbusters during a special event held on the Sony Pictures studio lot in Los Angeles, CA. Seated beside producer Ivan Reitman and co-writer Katie Dippold, Feig was asked about the different kinds of spirits audiences can expect to see in the upcoming movie Ė and while he noted that we will see one particular version more than others, there definitely are different kinds floating around. He explained,
Being such a science nut, I wanted these ghosts to be what I always considered a ghost to be, which is dead people coming back. So even though we played with that, there are other types of ghosts in it Ė we have fun with what comes up. I wanted to keep the main ghosts to be basically humanoid, but again youíre gonna get every kind. But especially for the early interactions with the Ghostbusters and the supernatural. It also comes from me, on the set, I didnít want my actors acting with tennis balls Ė which they do in some of these CGI movies.

This information leaves us asking one big question in particular: what does it mean for the filmís main villain? The debut Ghostbusters trailer centered on the characters played by Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, but didnít give us a look at the main foe that the titular group will be facing off against. Could it wind up being one of these "other types of ghosts" that Paul Feig teased?

As we get closer and closer to Ghostbustersí theatrical release on July 15th, weíll surely get to know more about these different ghosts Ė if not only because future trailers, TV spots and clips will have to keep producing fresh new material to entice audiences. Stay tuned to see what the movieís got!