HBOís epic fantasy series Game of Thrones is only two seasons away from completion, with its seventh season currently filming in Europe. While fans wait on the edges of their seats to see what will happen now that the final battle is about to begin, we are starting to see hints of what may be coming next summer Ė courtesy of set photos and rumors from behind the scenes. Now that the series has passed beyond George R R Martinís written work, these rumors (and what we know of the prophecies and politics of Westeros) are all that fans have to go on when speculating about the fates of their favorite characters.

The majority of speculation centers on Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow (Kit Harrington). These two contenders for the throne have spent six seasons on opposite sides of the world, but now it seems as though we will finally get to see them together.

New images posted by Watchers on the Wall show what appears to be a meeting between Daenerys and Jon, filmed by the ocean on the islet of Gaztelugatxe in Basque Country. The images are blurry, but it seems clear that they are of Clarke and Harrington. We can see Daenerysís trademark white hair in a thick braid down her back, and WotW posted more images of her on set in this outfit earlier on the 22nd. Jon Snow is recognizable standing next to her in his new wolf-trimmed cloak.

From what we can tell, these images show a meeting between Jon and Daenerys soon after she lands on the shores of Westeros (as they are standing next to the ocean). This means that Jon will (probably) get to leave the North in season 7, although it is possible that Daenerys and her followers will travel all the way around Westeros to meet Jon in the North. However, itís more likely that Jon and Daenerys meet on Dragonstone. More importantly than where they meet, however, is why. Earlier this month we speculated that these two would form an alliance to take on Cersei in Kingís Landing, and that seems to be confirmed by these images.

This is incredibly exciting news for those fans who have wanted to see Jon and Dany together for several seasons, and lends credence to the theories that Jon (who we now know to be half-Targaryen) and Daenerys may marry and rule the Seven Kingdoms together. Several prophecies seem to point towards this end, with many fans assuming that Jon and Daenerys will be two of the Ďheads of the dragoní. It certainly looks as though these two are meeting amicably, and now that Jon is supported by the North and the Vale, he would be a powerful ally for Daenerys.

However, nothing in Westeros ever seems to go smoothly, and there are plenty of other houses that could get in the way of an alliance between these two potential rulers. In addition, these images only show Jon and Dany meeting, which could easily go badly, leaving them as enemies rather than friends. Both are very strong personalities, and may not be willing to join forces immediately Ė especially as Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) is at Daenerysís right hand. All we know for sure from these new shots is that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will definitely meet in season 7Ö and that we canít wait to see it on screen!