So far, the Arya vs. Brienne altered fight has 1.2 million views.

For fans wondering if there was any way HBO's Game of Thrones could be any more entertaining, a fan-made video shows lightsabers really help kick it up a notch.
Over the weekend, "Arya vs Brienne Lightsaber Duel" was posted to YouTube by user Omid G. So far, it has more than 1.2 million views.
The scene is taken from this season's Thrones episode "The Spoils of War," where Arya (Maise Williams) and Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) spar in Winterfell.
The scene was already fantastic in that it shows what an amazing warrior Arya has become, but the lightsabers are a pretty awesome addition that make it even more intense.
Running a little more than three minutes, the video is quite well done, both with the visuals and sound effects.
Plus, it is even more enjoyable since Christie also plays Captain Phasma in the new Star Wars films.
Check out the old-timey future battle below.