The writer behind Fantastic Four is apologizing for the film's quality. Its been three years since the Fantastic Four have appeared on the big screen. After two films in the early 2000s, Fox rebooted Marvel's First Family in 2015 but with a brand new take. The film was directed by Josh Trank, prior to his vision being altered by the studio. Much of the blame has been placed on Fox's shoulders, as they squandered an opportunity for a franchise with talented leads like Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller, and Jamie Bell.

Fantastic Four was ripped apart by critics and made a bad impression with viewers. Its high budget and extremely low box office return crushed any sequel potential, and now, the future of the team will transfer to Marvel Studios once Disney's buyout of 20th Century Fox completes. Everyone is ready to move on from the disappointing outing, and that includes one of the film's writers, as he's apologizing for how it turned out.

Jeremy Slater was just hired to write the script for The Tommyknockers movie, and his credit on Fantastic Four led to some skepticism over his involvement in the new project. Slater took to Twitter to try and clear and the air. He tweeted out a thread of his background and love for the book and his aspirations as a writer, which included tackling a Marvel project. Unfortunately, Fantastic Four didn't turn out the way he wanted and he used this thread to quickly say he's sorry.

Fantastic Four was one of Slater's first scripts in Hollywood, so he wasn't as experienced then as he will be now when he tackles The Tommyknockers. For all the story problems that Fantastic Four had, Slater isn't solely responsible, though. Simon Kinberg, who also produced the film, as well as Trank are also credited as screenwriters. Plus, with the reshoots the movie underwent, there's no telling how much of Slater's work remained with the film. We can all still appreciate an unneeded apology and use it to continue to move on and look ahead to a hopefully bright future.

Reintroducing the Fantastic Four is likely to be an early goal of Marvel Studios once they are able. Although the Disney-Fox deal has gained approval by the Department of Justice, Disney can't be involved with Fox's properties just yet. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige remains firm in saying they won't think about the Fantastic Four or X-Men until they get official approval, as their current focus is on Captain Marvel, Avengers 4, and Spider-Man: Far From Home. The Fantastic Four are sure to have a major role in the MCU in the years to come, so there's little need to continue to focus on Fantastic Four and their team's less than stellar history on the big screen.

Release Dates:

  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) release date: Feb 14, 2019
  • New Mutants (2019) release date: Aug 02, 2019