As Disney and Lucasfilm seek out a young actor to star in their upcoming Han Solo standalone film, a flood of audition tapes have been sent to the studio.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources indicate that over 2,500 actors have either met with Disney or sent in an audition tape. Casting director Jeanne McCarthy is said to be wading through all of the applicants in search of its young Han Solo.

Noteworthy actors who have reportedly auditioned include Dave Franco, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Miles Teller. According to unnamed sources, the studio is looking for someone in their mid-20s. That said, the applicants span a wide range of ages, with The Walking Dead's 16-year-old Chandler Riggs and 34-year-old Mr. Robot actor Rami Malek also in the mix.

The Han Solo Star Wars standalone film will be directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and is expected to shoot in January 2017 with a theatrical release date of May 25, 2018.