Andres Muschietti's IT is number one at the box office for the second weekend in a row and continuing to break all kinds of horror movie records along the way. Muschietti announced last week that the DVD/Blu-ray will contain over 15 minutes of deleted scenes. Now Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgard has revealed that one of those disturbing cut scenes told Pennywise's origin story. It isn't clear if that scene will be included on the home video release or if it will be saved for the sequel to IT 2.

Skarsgard recently spoke with Variety's Playback Podcast about the deleted scene as well as some information regarding the origins of everybody's favorite supernatural shapeshifting clown. The scene features Pennywise before he was Pennywise the Dancing Clown and shows Skarsgard without makeup. According to Skarsgard, the scene was a flashback to the 1600s and it's rather creepy. The actor had this to say.

There was a scene we shot that was a flashback from the 1600s, before Pennywise (was Pennywise). The scene turned out really, really disturbing. And I'm not the clown. I look more like myself. It's very disturbing, and sort of a backstory for what It is, or where Pennywise came from.
In addition to the announcement that the IT DVD/Blu-ray will contain 15 minutes of deleted scenes, it was also announced that the sequel is official and is being written right now. Muschietti intends to have the movie take place 30 years later and provide flashbacks for all of the now adult characters, so the same can be assumed for Pennywise as well. Skarsgard went on to say that the origin of Pennywise might end up in the sequel. He explains.

That might be something worth exploring in the second one. The idea is the 'It' entity was dormant for thousands and thousands of years. The (flashback) scene hints on that.
Bill Skarsgard also recently spoke about returning to reprise his role as Pennywise in IT 2 and revealed that he's excited to delve deeper into the character. He had this to say.

It's a different story but I'm excited to delve in deeper to the character as there's more exploration for who Pennywise is. That's where I want to go for the second one; to delve into the psychological and metaphysical spaces of this trans-dimensional being.
The origin scene could very well end up in IT 2, but it also seems likely that the scene could end up in the special features of the home release. The sequel might want to go deeper than one single scene and develop the backstory more.

There is not a current release date set for the DVD/Blu-ray or the sequel to IT, but that information should be announced very soon to strike while the iron is hot for IT right now. Regardless of when the news is announced, it appears that IT is making moviegoers uncomfortable for all the right reasons and shows no signs of stopping now, especially with Halloween being just around the corner. Let's hope that the sequel can do just as well as the first installment of the big screen remake of Stephen King's classic novel.