A new photo from Deadpool 2 features Josh Brolinís Cable. The long search for Cable, also known as the mutant Nathaniel Summers, dominated the Deadpool 2 casting process. Shortly after Ryan Reynolds revealed the first look at Zazie Beetz as Domino, fans knew a look at Cable wasnít far behind. A look at Josh Brolinís full Cable Costume soon followed and fans started to get really excited.
Now a new image is making the rounds on the Internet featuring Brolin in a rather interesting position hinting at just what might be in store for the newest mutant addition to the X-Men film universe. It looks like things will get a little gritty for Cable, though how and in what capacity remains to be seen.
This set photo, originally posted by Universo X-Men on Twitter, depicts Cable without any of the metallic attachments save for a minimal piece under his collar. The original image, including his trademark glowing red eye seemed to depict a far more advanced case of the techno-organic virus heís infected with. The dirt and the grime are easily explained since the X-Men of the future exist in a world where every day is a battle for their existence, no matter which timeline they exist in. The future that Cable comes from in Deadpool 2 appears to be no different. Whatís a little less obvious is the nature of the timeline this Cable exists in and if major changes have been made.
Fans of the comics know that these metal attachments are the result of a techno-organic virus that infected Nathan Summers as an infant before he became Cable. He was transported into the future in an effort to save him, although this set photo seemingly hints that there might be a change to that origin story. You can still see the techno-organic virus, but itís from the neck up. His eye raises some questions about just what happens in Nathaniel Summersís personal history. The full promotional photo reveals that Cable has his trademark glowing eye and his metal arm. Looking closely at this photo, however, you can see the beginnings of an infection but no eye, and seemingly no arm that we can see. If it is a set photo, itís likely the eyeís glowing effect will be added during post-production.
Is Cable infected as an adult instead of as an infant? Does the lack of a Scott Summers Deadpoolís X-Men timeline indicate changes to the characterís backstory? In the comics heís taken to the future to save him, does he flee to the past in this case to stem the tide of infection? Or is he just waiting to unleash that familiar trademark glowing eye? Only time will tell.
If Deadpool 2 has changed Cableís somewhat confusing backstory itís a potentially smart choice. If Cable is infected as an infant and returns to the present, a present that supposedly includes his family, will make for a much different story. If he is infected as an adult and runs to the past to save himself, that paints Cable in an entirely different light. Is the ultimate soldier really so powerful? This set photo has raised quite a number of questions that should make both comic fans and new arrivals to the series very excited to see Deadpool 2.