"Is the Justice League still relevant?" asks incoming series writer Christopher Priest.

DC Entertainment's Justice League comic book is undergoing a change in the wake of this November's Justice League movie hitting theaters, with a brand new creative team stepping onto the series to reshape the World's Greatest Super-Heroes moving forward.

Announced via DC's official blog Friday, Christopher Priest and Pete Woods will be responsible for guiding the destinies of DC's premiere super team, starting with Dec. 6's Justice League No. 34, launching a new storyline that immediately challenges the team's place in the world.

"Is the Justice League still relevant? What are their goals and how do we define them? In the 'real' world, how would various societies around the globe view this pantheon of godlike beings?" Priest asked, saying that he intends to treat the series "more like a workplace drama," and that although there will be alien invasions and super villains to deal with "the League's greater challenge will be to define their place in this new and increasingly cynical age."

The new creative team for Justice League is just one of a number of talent changes for DC's superhero titles as the line continues its second year of Rebirth branding. CBR.com revealed today that Sam Humphries and Bernard Chang will be taking over the Nightwing series, replacing Tim Seeley, who has already been unveiled as the new Green Lanterns writer.