Dave Bautista says he's only going to do Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 without James Gunn due to his contractual obligation. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has launched many careers, but Bautista landing the role of Drax the Destroyer truly changed his life. His action and comedic chops have made him a rising name in Hollywood since, and some of the credit goes to Gunn for helping pick Bautista in the first place. The career changing role has put Bautista firmly on the #RehireJamesGunn movement, following the director's firing over old tweets.

Bautista has been the most vocal member of the Guardians to voice his support for Gunn's rehiring, while also being extremely critical towards Disney. His displeasure with the situation has only grown, as conflicting reports continue to emerge over the likelihood that Gunn may or may not be reinstated. As if his position wasn't already apparent, Bautista's now making it extremely clear where he stands, and how he feels working for Disney after Gunn's firing.

A fan asked Bautista on Twitter if he will have a response should Disney decide not to rehire Gunn, but instead of waiting till that potential day, he's sharing his feelings now. He says he's only going to do whatever his current contract requires him to do with Marvel, unless James Gunn is rehired. Going a step further, he calls Disney's decision making out again by saying it is "nauseating" to work for them now.

By the sound of Bautista's latest statement, he would probably elect to not do Guardians 3 without James Gunn if possible. He and the rest of the cast shared a joint-signed statement in support of Gunn, and even though none of the other cast members have gone this far, one does have to wonder if others feel the same way. It could make the movie and the future of the Guardians films incredibly tricky for Marvel, as they've previously let stars walk when they're unhappy - as they did with Hugo Weaving despite having a contractual option for him to return as Red Skull.

Bautista's attacks on Disney could put him in even more hot water. This is the second time he's mentioned the cybernazi attack Disney fell prey to, and the higher ups probably don't appreciate this behavior from one of their biggest franchises' stars. As of right now, Drax is a victim to Thanos' snap from Avengers: Infinity War, so could Avengers 4 be tweaked to keep him dead? It'd be incredibly odd if he's the only one not to return from the dusting, but this is new territory for Disney and Marvel.

At the end of the day, all of this could change if Gunn is rehired for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Bautista would come around and be in full-support of Disney making the right decision in his mind, and continue to have a role in future films. If it doesn't happen, then how Bautista handles himself from that point on will be fascinating to see. Either way, this likely isn't the last time Bautista or other people involved with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 are going to speak up.

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