Classic TV Robin gets a little edgier in a new Titans mashup video. Love it or hate it, the 1960s Batman has created one of the most recognizable versions of the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder. Known for its campy and upbeat take on the crime fighting duo, Batman has lingered on long after its short run. But one dedicated fan decided Batman needed a bit of an upgrade to fit DCís grittier tone. So, they combined footage of Burt Wardís Robin with audio from new Titans trailer in a hilarious mashup.

The first trailer for DCís Titans felt like a long time coming. When the trailer aired at the 2018 SDCC, fans were introduced to a more adult take on the young heroes, which wasnít too surprising considering the feel of other DC TV shows and films. The footage revealed a bruised and bloody Dick Grayson/Robin (Brenton Thwaites) beating up criminals and doing his best to break out from under his mentorís shadow, going so far as to say, ďF*** Batman.Ē

Inspired by the trailerís most controversial line, YouTuber Films Against Humanity created a brief video where Wardís Robin also sheds his squeaky-clean image. After uttering the now famous line, Robin turns on Batman. The PG fight scenes combined with the bone crunching sound effects from the Titansí trailer creates a humorous take on the Boy Wonder. To make the whole thing complete, the video ends with a classic and more family friendly Robin catchphrase, ďHoly shucks.Ē

Robinís newest catchphrase grabbed headlines. Although fans had been warned that Titans was going to be more mature and profanity laden, the darker Robin was still a bit of a shock. The moment opened the debate about whether or not the new take strayed too far from the character. The internet responded in its typical fashion, turning the line into a meme and making it big enough to garner a response from Gothamís Batman, played by David Mazouz, who replied, ďScrew you too.Ē

Only time will tell if Titans will be a good show, much less create a cast of characters as long lived as Adam Westís and Burt Wardís Batman and Robin. The trailer certainly did its job, establishing the Titansí tone and giving the little-known show some much needed attention. Viewers will have to wait before deciding if they like the darker Robin or not. Until then, fans will continue creating comedic takes on the trailer. Who knows, maybe someone will give Robinís real thoughts on the Batusi.