Ever wanted to see Spidey riding a horse?

Spidey is swinging around the globe.
Despite delays for Marvel's blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming to hit Chinese theaters, fans in the Middle Kingdom are able to enjoy a new slate of posters featuring the webslinger in familiar Chinese tableaus before the film's release next week.
The new promotional images feature Peter Parker's alter ego in a variety of different locales, such as swinging from a hammock above the Great Wall of China, posing for a selfie in front of Shanghai's Oriental Pearl Tower and riding a horse (in full Spidey regalia) across a picturesque mountainscape.
Other posters showcase Spidey posing near various other Chinese landmarks.
While none of the images actually appear in the film, they are a creative marketing strategy that capture the adolescent, coming-of-age humor of the pic. Plus a horse who doesn't want to see that?
Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit Chinese cinemas on Sept. 8.
Check out a few of the posters below.