Fans are calling for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again co-stars Amanda Seyfried and Cher to star in a live-action remake of Disney's Tangled all thanks to one picture. The House of Mouse is in the midst of recreating several of its animated features with human actors. Tessa Thompson was recently cast as the voice of Lady in a live-action Lady and the Tramp. Meanwhile a live-action remake of Mulan is aiming for a 2020 release. That's just two of several announced and rumored live-action remakes.

Disney has mostly been focusing on movies that are at least a decade old. There's been great commercial and critical success with the live-action Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book. However, 2010's Tangled could be next in line due to Cher and Amanda Seyfried's uncanny resemblance to two of the movie's main characters.

The campaign to see Cher and Seyfried in a new Tangled began with Twitter user @ ceredmonials coming across a picture of the two promoting Mamma Mia and how much both actors look like Tangled's heroine, Rapunzel, and its villain, Mother Gothel. The amusing observation set off a tidal wave of internet reaction ranging from surprise to a burning desire to see a Tangled remake go into production immediately.

Interestingly the connection between Mother Gothel and Cher isn't just in the mind of fans. Tangled director Byron Howard admitted at the time of release (via IndieLondon) that the villain's look was inspired partly by Cher and Gothel's voice actress, Donna Murphy. Evidently, Cher had the right "exotic" look the team wanted for Gothel. As for Seyfried there was no (known) concerted effort to make her appear like Rapunzel. That's just a true coincidence. If anything, Rapunzel was designed to look like her own voice actress, Mandy Moore.

It's important to stress there are announced plans from Disney to remake Tangled or touch the property at all outside its ongoing animated TV series. Tangled received good reviews and box office during its release in 2010 but it wasn't remarkable. The animated movie didn't start an animated Disney musical renaissance, as was its intention. It wouldn't be until 2013's Frozen that really put Disney back into the business of making incredibly lucrative and influential musicals based on fairy tales. So if any of Disney's recent animated offerings were to get a second pass at success, Tangled does seem likely as it did miss the boat for real phenomenon status.

Seyfried and Cher starring in this hypothetical remake are as good of casting choices as any Disney could muster too. The two don't just eerily look like the characters - they're both accomplished actresses who can sing well. Seyfried has starred in several movie musicals, including the Mamma Mia! franchise. Meanwhile Cher is primarily known as a pop singer but the superstar is also an Oscar-winning actress for 1987's Moonstruck.

The fan campaign to see Cher and Amanda Seyfried in Tangled is, ultimately, just a little bit of fun. If serious talk of a new Tangled ever does surface though, Disney would be wise to at least consider both actresses.