The film and book of the same name were inspired by a true hostage crisis that occurred in Lima, Peru, from 1996-97.

The first trailer for Bel Canto, the story of an opera singer (Julianne Moore) caught in a hostage situation during a performance in South America, has been released.

The movie, directed by Academy Award-nominated helmer Paul Weitz, was adapted from the 2001 novel of the same name. The pic also features Ken Watanabe (Inception) as a Japanese industrialist who invites Moore's character to perform at his birthday celebration. The two grow closer throughout the events of the film.

Bel Canto is set in the middle of a military dictatorship in South America. In the trailer, guerrilla rebels are seen taking over the party and imprisoning the attendees until the government grants their wishes. Moore and company are caught between a government unwilling to surrender to the rebel cause and the hostage takers looking to show what they can do.

"Is it true that the government is considering shooting us all?" a party guest asks in the trailer.

Desperate for a solution, Moore turns to the power of her voice to mend the cultural bridge.

"I want you to sing loud enough so these animals outside can hear it," Watanabe tells Moore.

Bel Canto is set to hit theaters Sept. 14.