Marvel Studios may be knee deep in production on Avengers: Infinity War, but that doesn’t mean fans aren’t already sniffing around for details on the increasingly mysterious and suspiciously untitled Avengers 4. There’s been a lot of back and forth about the fourth superhero crossover recently, but MCU’s main man Kevin Feige reveals at least one reason why the studio has neglected to name its rumored half-billion dollar baby – it’d spoil Infinity War.

The news is perhaps not too terribly surprising, as it comes on the heels of several announcements pertaining to the fourth collective outing of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The most revealing of which – so far – has been that Avengers 4 is not currently being filmed, nor will it be filmed in conjunction with Infinity War. Instead, the project heads to production in the fall, with Marvel seemingly distancing that film from the Thanos-centric offering that is currently being worked on. In fact, when Feige spoke about the reasons behind the lack of a proper subtitle for the Infinity War follow-up, he once again reiterated the project was indeed a completely different movie.

While speaking to Cinemablend, Feige had this to say regarding Infinity War‘s connection to Avengers 4:

That’s an important, but not too revealing detail as many had likely guessed the lack of simultaneous filming meant something along those lines. But when asked whether or not the fourth film’s conspicuous dearth of a subtitle had anything to do with potential spoilers for the third Avengers film, Feige responded in the affirmative, saying, “Yeah, for sure.”

Feige’s comments remain vague but when read in context with his recent statements about the what’s to come in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or, more to the point, his uncertainty over whether or not what’s to come will even be called Phase 4, one has to wonder whether or not in-film hints toward the big changes headed the MCU’s way will come sooner than May 2019. But it also presents something of a unique situation for the cinematic side of the House of Ideas. The studio has prided itself on announcing projects years in advance, and now, with something different just around the corner, the ostensible transparency of Marvel’s future plans has suddenly become more opaque.

Is the studio merely taking another tactic in terms of marketing the future of its collection of multi-billion dollar franchises by adding an air of mystery to it all? Or has the studio simply gotten ahead of itself to a certain degree, essentially building one event movie off the one before it to such an extent the outcome of one film could be spoiled by the title of the movie following it? While it would be interesting to see Marvel surprise its audience more by keeping details further about its upcoming slate behind closed doors, it looks as though the latter reason is what’s keeping The Avengers 4 from having a proper title for the time being.