“The Terminator” franchise will be moving on, but it won’t involve Arnold Schwarzenegger, which leaves plenty of time for the former Governator to get in Twitter fights with Donald Trump, or try his hand with dramatic fare, as he does with “Aftermath.” The new movie intriguingly boasts Darren Aronofsky as a producer, and it certainly presents a side of Arnie we don’t see that often on the big screen.

The revenge drama follows a construction worker who loses his wife and daughter in an airplane accident, and who then seeks revenge on the man who could’ve prevented it. But as we see in the trailer, the air traffic controller, played by Scoot McNairy, is dealing with his own fallout from the event as well.

Grab your carry on bag, and see “Aftermath” when it opens on April 7th.

source: http://theplaylist.net/arnold-schwar...math-20170321/