The Aquaman movie trailer gets a Super Friends makeover. The trailer for DCís upcoming underwater extravaganza dropped at San Diego Comic-Con to largely positive reactions. However, there is always room for improvement and one fan has reedited the trailer with footage from both Super Friends and the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure.

The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure was created by Filmation and ran from 1967-68. The series was an hour-long program, consisting of six-minute adventures featuring everyoneís favorite DC superheroes. Super Friends, the more well known show used in the trailer, was a Hanna-Barbera cartoon that aired from 1973-1986, defining the Justice League for an entire generation. In fact, feelings on Aquaman himself likely stem from this first exposure to the character. While writers such as Geoff Johns have made great strides towards rehabbing Arthur Curryís image in recent years, Super Friends couldnít help but paint him as the perpetually uncool member of the team.

Darth Blender has completely revamped the entire trailer, keeping its original sound effects, dialogue and music, but pairing them instead with footage from beloved animated series of DCís past. The result has not only delighted fans, but director James Wan as well. This isnít the first time a fan has taken a crack at improving upon the original trailer. YouTuber Patrick Willems remixed the trailer shortly after it debuted, in a version that many feel both improves pacing and highlights the humor. Oddly, the Comic-Con exclusive footage is reportedly far better than the trailer chosen for wide release, leaving many questioning the decision to use it over scenes more likely to sell people on this unconventional superhero film.

Many fans have been lukewarm to the majority of the unofficially titled DCEU thus far and this footage got people excited for a film that had been previously underestimated. Some have embraced Jason Mamoaís iteration of the character ever since Justice League, but others have criticized everything from the way Arthur speaks to the clothes he wears. Thus far, Wonder Woman is the only movie in DCís connected universe that has been universally praised by fans and critics alike. Although Aquaman has had many vocal supporters, there were plenty of other fans who would much rather see a Flash solo outing or Green Lantern Corps film. The former is set to begin filming next year and the latter is scheduled for 2020 release and will be written by Johns.

Between the positive reception received by both Aquaman and Shazam! thus far, it is quite possible that the DCEU is on a bit of a course correct. It is likely that Aquaman will please those already happy with the direction of the DCEU, but whether or not the movie will win over its detractors remains to be seen. Regardless, most fans would line up to see the version of the film depicted in this trailer.