In Prometheus, not only did we learn that the Engineers were responsible for seeding Earth with human life, we also found out that the same Engineers wanted to turn around and wipe out humanity for some mysterious reason. At the movieís end, the crew of the Prometheus was able to stop the Engineersí ship from carrying out its mission to bomb the planet with pods full of murderous black goo. Android David (Michael Fassbender) was decapitated by the last Engineer, but survived to accompany Shaw (Noomi Rapace) on a mission to find the Engineersí home world and learn their secrets.

This summerís Prometheus sequel Alien: Covenant begins as the crew of a colony ship finds what they believe to be a pristine planet on which to establish a new home. Thatís when they meet David, and find out that their new paradise is actually the home world of the Engineers, and not a safe place to be.

Recent teaser images from Alien: Covenant have hinted at what is going on in the new film with David and the Engineers, and it all makes David appear to be the most dangerous android in the galaxy. Putting two-and-two together, it appears that at one point David bombs the Engineers with pods of black goo like the ones they themselves intended to use on humankind. A new international trailer via 20th Century Fox Vietnam includes two brief shots that appear to tease this Engineer apocalypse. In one, we see David dropping the pods from one of the Engineersí circular bombing ships (the same ships were seen in Alien and Prometheus).

The action with the Engineers appears to largely wrap up the storyline carried over from Prometheus, but there are a few questions left to be answered, including whether Shaw survived. Noomi Rapace does appear in Alien: Covenant but itís not known how extensive her role is. The images of David wiping out the Engineers may be part of a flashback and itís possible that Rapace appears in the same flashback.

We do also know that the crew of the Covenant, led by Katherine Waterston and Billy Crudup, is attacked by aliens on Paradise, including a new monster called a neomorph. The main plot-line of the movie is thought to be more of a straightforward exercise in survival-horror, akin to the original Alien, but with all the stuff about David and the Engineers and the return of Guy Pearceís Peter Weyland also floating around out there, the film also seems to feature a large helping of the expanded Alien mythos Ridley Scott began developing in Prometheus.

The issue with Prometheus for a lot of people was too much peripheral business and mythos-building and not enough straight-ahead Alien-style action. With Alien: Covenant, it appears Ridley Scott is trying to strike more of a balance between thrills and crazy mythology, but it remains to be seen if he has succeeded.