Im an avid porn 'user' i confess. Not exactly addicted in the typical sense (not daily, can go without) but an hoarder. I started torrenting on porn and is pretty much 90% of what i upload\download (get movies on usenet or wait, etc, etc).
Im on Femdomcult and pornbits (just got in), Pornbay, Bootytape, pornolab... few other places too. And i often go premium on some sites, so i can fill some requests.

My stats aren't the most impressive because i only got into seedboxes now(2 actually), and my isp sucked, but my ratios are all positive, never below 2.0, usually i prefer 6+. My 'specialty' so to speak is interracial porn, femdom and bdsm a close second, so thats what i will be bringing to emp