torrentHR | THR | General | 2018 Review

Tracker name torrentHR
Tracker URL
Category General
Tracker type Ratioless
Tracker signup Invite only
Total torrents 42 000+
Total members 10 600 / 13 337
Getting in Easy
Banned countries None
Tracker birthday Jan 2008

Tracker description

TorrentHR is croatian general tracker. It has been launched just over 10 years ago, and is the most popular and content rich croatian tracker. Although it is mainly croatian, it has a lot of ex-yu (serbia, bosnia, montenegro...) content as well as most of the mainstream movies and tv shows. The tracker is in croatian language, so you will have to use translator in chrome. It is home of the RAKiJA release group, which specializes strictly in croatian content (films, tv shows, books, magazines etc.). They do not have release group for mainstream english content, so 99% of that type of stuff is reuploaded from other popular general torrent trackers. Community is active. Staff can sometimes be pain in the ass, but they are generally OK. Getting invite for this tracker here or on reddit might not be easiest task simply because there's not much croatian people here (i guess). However on country specific forums it's very easy to get.
This is ratioless tracker. There is currecy called Karma which you obtain mainly by seeding. It is used to purchase invites, clear hnr torrents or to send to other members. You are required seed snatched torrent for 72h.
In conclusion, if you're looking for croatian and/or ex-yu content (films, shows, books, magazines...), this tracker will be gold mine because there is a lot of very useful & rare stuff for locals here. However, if you're not speaking the language and just looking for general tracker, there is no reason to join this one simply because there are better english general trackers that are easier to join. Same thing goes for almost every tracker that is specific for some smaller country.

My ratings

Pretimes 6.5/10
Content 8.5/10
Speed 6/10
Community & staff 6.5/10
Overall 7/10