Torrent-BD| TBD | 2016 Review

Tracker Name Torrent-BD
Tracker Genre General
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Tracker URL
Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only
Bonus System Yes
Maintaining Ratio Easy
Tracker IRC None
Banned Countries None
Total Torrents 132000
Total Members N/A

Tracker Description

Torrent-BD[TBD] is the #1 general private tracker in Bangladesh.Tracker interface is English. They have a good collection of movies,tv-shows,games,music,apps, ebooks and more…. . Great pretimes, all torrents are well seeded even the very old ones. For every 60 Minutes of seeding a torrent you will receive Seedbonus points..The community is great and friendly & over 100 torrents are added every day. They have few internal encoders for Movies, TV, and Music. TBD is considered P2P & Scene general tracker where they upload internal encodes from all other great trackers.The UnTouchable Team [TUT], The Ultimate Alliance[TUA], Bluray Movie Downloaders[BMD], Anime Beats[AB], Gamers Unite[GU],BeatBox[BB], SNATCHERS are the official uploader team group of TBD.Currently, they have 104,000 + (over one lack) torrents and that is pretty much awesome. Though it is a Bangladeshi tracker, you can find almost every Scence releases but you cannot find any porn there because it has a family community. Nowadays Their Bangla & Hindi section are best for Bangla ,Indian Bangla, Indian + other desi content over the internet after Moreover, it should be a great alternative of in my opinion because you can find most popular releases after two hours that has been uploaded in They don’t have any IRC channel but they have a decent forum for user help. They have also an official facebook page where people can ask for a problem .

After all, TBD is one the best general tracker in my opinion. If you are not a member of and want to download huge Bangla/desi content then it is a must have a tracker for you.

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Tracker Rating

Speed 7.5/10
Content 7.5/10
Pre-Time 7/10
Overall Experience 7.5/10