WELCOME TO THE SCENE PLACE! TSP is a tracker that is around nine months old, and has come strides sense day one. The site has iNTERNAL release groups, TSP, and TSPxL. They specialize in the best quality videos in a very tiny package. They are popping up on other trackers due to the rare content, the amazing size/quality ratio, and the growing list of movies and tv shows. They are perfect for plex, people with limited space and bandwidth, or just everyday viewing.

The request section is at a 92% fulfillment rate, with over 700 filled. The active users are constantly growing. The team that has been put together to upload content is well trained, and growing. As of today, the site has also started to allow their top user class the ability to post torrents (Pending moderation) and its getting harder to join, as the doors opened for a Black Friday special, and then opened for the New Year Blast.

They have a Discord channel that allows the community to be very active and friendly with each other. They have Movie nights hosted and game together.The staff is willing to help with anything from site issues, to explanations about things related to torrents, to helping you with issues in real life. In the General chat channel, people help others set up new computers, upgrade hardware, coding projects, even things like tying fishing knots. The community is a one of a kind and really adds to the value of the site, making this more then JUST a place to get movies.


Ratio is not hard to maintain, as long as you grab Freeleech torrents, and you Get some iNTERNALs seeding and you should not have much of an issue. Traffic on the site is going up every day and the seeding rules vary based on which of the four user classes you are. The casino is another way to earn upload, as well as the lotto. They have HAPPY HOUR which means, for a random hour every day, the site kicks freeleech on. They also have a FREELEECH POOL feature where people all contribute Bonus Points and when the limit has been hit the site goes freeleech for a set time. When donations hit 50% of the monthly goal, Three days of FL happen, and then at 100% and other week of FL occurres.


The content is rare, hard to find and unique to the site. There are hundreds of torrents that are ONLY FOUND on TSP, and were made and posted here that were NOT posted on other trackers. With Jackett support, RSS Feeds, this tracker is a Great new tracker to join when you can. Requests are the bread and butter being free to make, and with the new ability for the top user class being able to upload, this should allow them to be filled even more efficiently. There is a GRAND section of ROMS, There are GREAT selections of TV Shows and Movies. There are also TWO iNTERNAL release groups calling TSP home, TSP and TSPxL. TSP specializes in VERY small sizes, while maintaining an amazing quality, while TSPxL specializes in uncompressed rips, with as many languages in both text and audio tracks so more people can enjoy content in their native lanuage.
They also post the new cams, very fast, and remove ads, and also have the video cleaned up and Equalized. The CAMS are by far the best I have ever found out there. They have filled requests where older, grainy content gets run thru AI programs, and this cleans them up and makes the video look amazing, so it is worth it to check these files out.

They have already pulled in the reigns on the open doors, so it is starting to get a little tougher to join already. Get in while you can, it is definitely a tracker worth adding to your list, as the rare content and hard to find stuff rolls in. The site stats are as follows:

Traffic:3.39 PB


There is no XXX Section.

The site, being as knew as it is, doesn't seem to have a large selection of the same torrents. (Ex. Army of the Dead in 1080p with 4 or 5 different versions of that movie.) They are trying to bring more of a selection of movies and tv shows in different resolutions before they focus on bringing all different sizes and bitrates of the same content in the same resolutions.

The UI is a work in progress, and some find it a bit dated looking, but this is only a con depending on how you look at it. Being as new as they are, they are changing and upgrading things all the time, so this is being worked on.

The seed and leech counts are not that of a tracker that has been here for years and years, but for the age and user count, it is definitely decent, but people may see this as a con as well.

There are not a WHOLE lot of REMUXES, but they do have a decent selection of them. It seems that the uploads they are focusing on are a little bit smaller in order to get the site off the ground, and to keep torrents seeded as they are coming in.

Hit and Run Rules state 7 days to seed, which is longer then many trackers, and once again, maybe seen as a con for the site. Due to the lower user count because of the age of the site, you maybe seeding things longer then you would on more established trackers.


As of right now, you can find things on this site that are posted on topsites, and dozens of trackers. There is loads of unique content you can not find anyplace else due to the uploading team and the INTERNAL RG's being diligent. The Requests being free are bringing loads of torrents in to the site that people are having a hard time finding out there, making the unique and rare content list grow daily. They host open signups once every couple months, and they are giving out cheap invites to their user base to help the site grow. It is worth it to add to your collection of trackers as this site has loads of potentional, and it seems that it is not going anywhere. Get in while you can, because they have been talking about closing up a bit tighter in the near future.


CONTENT 8.25/10
PRE TIMES 8.25/10
FEATURES 7.75/10
OVERALL 8.0/10