Tracker Name SpeedApp
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre GENERAL
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Bonus System Yes
Tracker Signup Invite only
Banned countries NONE
Maintaining Ratio Easy
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  • SpeedApp is a Romanian General private tracker with many categories such as movies, tv, games,adult, etc, was created by merging together 3 big communities: IceTorrent, XtremeZone (MYXZ) and SceneFZ,They have internal encodes teams like SPDVD,SPTV,CRC,SubZero,BBAD,crisgsm33,SPBD,SPSD,iR EAL,SPWEB,ANDRONiKA,SPHD,FZHD,SP4K,EShare,...

  • Each torrent must be kept mandatory for the first 30 minutes from its download, without stopping or pausing the torrent client. Then, it must be kept at seed until it reaches a ratio 1,000 per torrent or at least 48 hours cumulated within 30 days,if your ratio is (<0.95) you are at risk of being granted download limitations, until promoted to the User class.

Maintaining a good ratio is easy as
  • - A bonus point system is implemented where you can buy extra GBs of upload credit.
  • - almost all of the internal torrents are freeleech!

  • getting an invite isn't hard as you can either buy it from the market for 200 points (but you must be a power user class) or donate

  • tracker has very good content some of them even you can't find on big general trackers but torrents don't get many seeders so on some torrents you will have a speed problem.

should I join this or not?
  • If you are Romanian, or you want to download some pretty rare DVDs, nice encodes & remuxes from SPHD (also internal on HDT), rare WEB rips from SPWEB (some of them you can't find even on top trackers!) then you should join this tracker.










Pre-times 8
Speed 8.5
Content 9
Community 5
Overall 8.5