Tracker Name SDBits
Tracker Genre Movies/Tv
Tracker Type Ratio Base
Bonus System Yes
Maintaining Ratio Hard
Tracker Signup Closed/Invite Only
Tracker URL
Banned Countrys China,Egypt,Israel,Poland,Turkey

SDBits is a small tracker that focuses on SD movies and tv. The quality of the encodes is the best you can find for dvd and sd x264 encodes.Last few year the no. of uploaded torrents has decreased,sometimes days pass and no torrents get uploaded, but most of the 6k torrents you can find there are top quality and most of them you cant find them anywere else, at least at this quality.

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Pretimes n/a
Speed 7/10
Content 5/10
Comunity 7/10
Rarity 4/10
My Experience 6/10