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Tracker name
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Category Motorsports
Tracker type Ratio based
Total torrents 96 000+
Tracker signup Invite only
Getting in Moderate
Seeding difficulty Hard
Bonus system / Freeleech No
Shoutbox Yes
Banned countries None

Tracker description is number one tracker for any type of motorsports. It has everything motorsports related. From Formula 1, MotoGP and nascar, to carts and truck racing. You will find it all there in almost every resolution and framerate. At the time of writing this review, this tracker has just over 96 000 torrents. However, a lot of older torrents have no seeders, but there is reseed button, which when you click, sends notification to every user that snatched the torrent, so they can reseed it. Community is very mature and passionate about motorsports, however shoutbox and forums are not very active. They average about 10-15 posts per day, sometimes less. Finding invite for this tracker is not very easy, there doesn't seem to be a lot of people willing to give invite away or trade it, but you can always buy it for reasonable price. Maintaining ratio on this tracker is hard. There is no freeleech, no bonus system, and number of leechers is limited. That being said, staff are not very strict when it comes to negative up/down difference. That doesn't mean you can h&r everything, however you probably won't get in trouble if your ratio is somewhere around lets say 0,6 or 0,7. It has one very nice feature which is race calendar, which shows you every motorsports event and member(s) that will capture it and upload on site.

My Ratings

Pretimes 9/10
Content 10/10
Speeds 9/10
Community & Staff 8/10
Overall 9/10




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