PsyReactor | PsyR | Music | 2014 Review

Tracker Name: PsyRecator (PsyR)

Tracker Genre: Music

Tracker Type: DDL

Tracker Birthday: Dec 2004

Tracker Singup: Closed/Invites Disabled

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This is the best DDL Music File sharing sites the exist. it his dedicated specially to PsyTrance Music from all the ranges - Ambient till Dark.
I Have no idea why it's ranking so low at the tracker list... the only reason that come to my mind is that maybe because it's not one.
it is the best source for all the Psy Music you ever wished and more. there is no album that you can't find there and with lot's of DDL fast links!
The only way to get inside the Forum is by leaving your email for appliance and wait for the staff to let you know when or you if you can register. the forum never had open registration and even back in 2005 you had to get invited to join. There are just slightly above 10,000 users at this site that most of them are from the beginning.




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PsyTrance 2014

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Pretimes: 10/10
Speed: 8/10
Content: 10/10
Community: 10/10

Over All My Experience: 10/10