Majomparádé | General | 2017 Review

Name Majomparádé
Genre General
Ratio Requirement Ratio free
Singup invite only
Maintaining Ratio ratio free
Bonus System Available


Majomparádé is one of the biggest Hungarian Ratio Free general private tracker that comes after Ncore and BitHUmen, the name of the tracker means 'monkey parade' and the user classes are all monkeys like gorilla, baboon, etc,they have 67000 torrents and 46800 user with limit to 100000, they are ratio free but you need to seed the torrent for at least 24 hours so you wont get HNR,to use their invitation system you need to be maki or above classes, bonus points and bonus shop available and they have special section for xxx releases, their web interface are in hungarian but you can navigate easily using google translators

their facebook and twitter officials:

site Statistics
user limit100,000
registered users 46.6700
number of torrents67.200
dead torrents27.300

note: i translated the pics to english with google translater

preview pics



MIB 1:

MIB 2:

MIB 3:



xxx page:

if you have any addition or comment about the tracker i'am happy to hear it