LearnBits | LB | E-Learning | 2019 Review

Tracker Name LearnBits (LB)
Tracker URL http://www.learnbits.me/login.php
Tracker Genre E-Learning
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Maintain Ratio Easy
Banned Countries None
Bonus System Yes
IRC LearnBits official IRC (Internet Relay Chat) ** UPDATED **
irc.learnbits.me | port 6667 or port 6670 for SSL connections
channels: #learnbits #LB-help #LB-announce #LB-invites #games
our ScienceHD refugee channel: #scienceHD
Tracker creation date 2009-01-08

📚Tracker Description

  • LearnBits (LB) is a private torrent tracker for E-learning stuffs like IT, Networking, Business, Medical, Web Design & many others . Being rebuilt as a new home for ScienceHD refugees and content.

  • The site is currently TBDev based but a new Gazelle build is in progress to make this the next go-to site for documentary content.

  • Tracker is up since 2008 , got around 9K registered users with App. 7K torrents which makes it not the Highest one regarding E-learning trackers around.

  • Maintain ratio is easy as :
    - Some freeleech torrents are being picked & stuck by staffs.
    - Bonus points system is implemented , where you can buy extra GBs to your upload count.

  • You are expected to seed a minimum of 72 hours no matter how quickly you are able to download the data.

  • I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots.










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Pre-Time -/10
Speed 5/10
Content 7/10
Community 6/10
OverAll 6/10