Keep Friends | keepfrds | Movies | 2016 Review

Tracker Name Keep Friends
Tracker Genre General
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Tracker URL
Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only
Bonus System Yes
Maintaining Ratio Very Easy
Tracker IRC N/A
Banned Countries None
Total Torrents 3504
Total Members 5296

Tracker Description

Keep Friends, keepfrds is a Chinese private tracker for movies only. They provide only Micro High Definition (mHD) movies with sizes around 2-3 GB. They use BluRay disks or at least Remuxes as a source for their encodes so quality of their encodes is top notch, superb and even better than other rival movie trackers even the highly rated ones like PixelHD in the same Micro High Definition mHD category. Keep Friends has about 3500 torrents and about 5300 members. Most torrents even the old ones are well seeded and many seedboxes are used. Every day they upload around 3-5 new movies and they set new torrents as free to leech for 2 days then they become 50% free. Keeping and building good ratio is very easy thanks to many free torrents and good numbers of peers and that they have bonus points system as well. Community is very good, active and sometimes they enable free sign up, global free leech and double upload free leech. They don't have newbie assessment or H&R rules but you need to have good overall ratio. Their invite system is good as when you promote to power user or above, you acquire invite and you can change 30000 bonus points into 1 invite. MNHD-FRDS is the only available encoding team there and it is very hard to find their internal encodes in other trackers. Tracker interface is very simple, lite and and can be set to English in all pages.

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Speed 8/10
Content 8/10
Pre-Time 8/10
Overall Experience 8/10