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Thread: HD4Free | HD4F | HD | 2019 Review

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    HD4Free | HD4F | HD | 2019 Review

    HD4Free | HD4F | HD | 2019 Review

    Tracker Name HD4Free
    Tracker URL
    Tracker Genre HD
    Tracker SignUp Invite Only
    Maintain Ratio Easy
    Bonus System Yes
    Chatbox Yes
    Banned Countries None

    ||Tracker Description||

    • HD4Free is a Nice HD content Tracker . Its the home of the legendary encode group Legion.
    • HD4FREE Tracker Stats Shows They Have Like 6k Users with 6k+ Torrents where HD contents are around 6099 and approximate Seeders And Peers are Like 15534 & 65 with real Total Traffic 446.44TiB.
    • HD4Free is rich in HD content with fast pre-times on TV .
    • Members can search for Apps, Books, Games, Movies, Music, TV and Misc items. Note that any adult content/porn is strictly prohibited.
    • They Have a Collection Of BD Remux, UHD-50, UHD-Remux, 4K Encode, BD50 , BD25 , 3D BD-Remux , 3D BD25 ReEncode, 3D Half-OU , BD25 ReEncode. 3D BD50 , UHD-66, & UHD-100 Movies & TV Shows .
    • Maintain a ratio Is not Hard Currently All torrents are FREE LEECH also Have Double Upload Content which Can Surely Boast Anyone's Ratio.
    • This Tracker Has Some OLd movies Bluray Remux Collections Those Who are fan Of remuxes and Old Movie Can Find a right Place in here .
    • Invites are given to new members as well as given through donations and/or purchasing through the BON store. Signup is currently set to closed/invite only! .
    • Donate to the tracker if you can and you will receive upload credit, VIP status, immunity and bonus points. Otherwise if you seed you can use your earned bonus points in the BON store and reap similar rewards.
    • If you are searching for the latest HD movies & episodes from the most popular TV Shows then this is a very good tracker to join.The pretimes and speeds are good, many users have seedboxes.
    • I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots.

    ||Home Page||







    ||Bonus System||




    Pre-times 6/10
    Speed 7/10
    Content 6/10
    Community 7/10
    Overall 7/10

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    You really underestimate this tracker. A lot of great content starts there which is then uploaded to other trackers.
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    The site is beautiful, and the staff are friendly and attentive. The content base is relatively smaller compared to major trackers, however, there is a dedicated scene group in Legion producing quality remuxes, 3D releases, and high quality content. It is still early days for this tracker, so seeders/leechers for all files is very limited, and the request reseed button will come in handy for anyone joining. Once the userbase grows there will be no stopping this tracker.
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