FreedomHD | FHD | HD | 2018 Review

Tracker Name: FreedomHD
Tracker URL:
Tracker Signup: Invite Only
Tracker Type: Ratioless
Tracker Genre: HD
Seed Difficulty: Easy
Ratio Helpers: FreeLeech / Ratioless
Tracker IRC: N/A
Bonus System: Yes
Adult (XXX) Content: No
Chatbox: Yes
Banned Countries: None

Tracker Description:

Freedom-HD (Freedom Paradise) is a ratioless FRENCH Private Torrent Tracker for HD MOVIES / TV.
This tracker consists of very good 1080p , 3D , 4K , 720p encodes , packs and many more.

They are very strict on Hit n Run even if is ratioless , so is better to read very careful their Rules...

Hit & Run:

All completed torrent must be Seeded for 18 hours (including FreeLeech) .
You have a period of 7 days for this.
Beyond this delay and if the upload value is less than the value of the torrent, you will receive 1 H & R for the torrent in question.

Overall, this is a good very good tracker to have!

All Print Screens Are Translated To English


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TV Series:


Pretimes 7/10
Speed 8/10
Content 7/10
Community 7.5/10
Overall 7.5/10