DigitalHive | DH | General | 2018 Review

Tracker Name DigitalHive
Tracker URL
Tracker Signup Invite Only
Seed Difficulty Medium
Bonus System No
IRC Channel Server:
Port: 6667
Channel: #DigitalHive

Tracker Description

DigitalHive was established in 2006 as a 0-day tracker. DH has an impressive 9,645 registered members with 76,100 current uploaded torrents. Invites are hard to come by but registered members are able to donate with the reward of receiving 1-2 invites depending on the amount - donations will be covered further down.

Most torrents uploaded here average around a maximum of 6 seeders per torrent sometimes making it hard to keep your upload higher than your download but as with most trackers if you jump on the fresh torrents and limit what and how much you download you should be fine. Categories you can search on DH are: 0Day, 0Day-Imagesets, 0Day-Music, 0Day-XXX. And then the regular anime, BluRay, Docs, DVD-R, Ebooks, HandHeld, Kids, Linux, Mac, Misc, PC Games, Playstation, Movie-HD, Movie-SD, Music/FLAC, MVID, PC Apps, PSP, TV-PACKS etc. so a LOT of variety to choose from.

DH does not have a shoutbox but instead an IRC channel #DigitalHive on the with 475 users. Forums are active which is a good sign of a strong community with the welcome thread being the most active as expected, depending on what section you are viewing some last activity records back to 2017.

Donations start from as little as $5 USD with donation perks being:

Donate $5 - 5GB Upload Credits, Custom Title, Donor Star, Donor Class Promotion, 1 Month Promotion.

Donate $10 - 15GB Upload Credits, Custom Title, Donor star, Donor Class Promotion, 2 Month Promotion.

Donate $25 - 35GB Upload Credit, Custom Title, Donor star, 1 invite, Donor Class Promotion, 4 Month Promotion.

Donate $50 - 80GB Upload Credit, Custom Title, Donor Star, 2 Invites, Donor Class Promotion, 6 Month Promotion.

Remember to seed until you bleed... High chance of losing your other accounts if you are banned from DigitalHive as they are apart of the 'cabal' trackers.









Pre-Times 7/10
Community 7/10
Content 7/10
Speed 6/10
Tracker Score 7/10