DiabloTorrent | DT | General | 2019 Review

Tracker Name DiabloTorrent
Tracker URL https://www.diablotorrent.net/
Tracker Signup Invite Only
Tracker Type Ratio Free
Seed Difficulty Easy
Tracker IRC[ None

Tracker Description

- DiabloTorrent is a Hungarian general tracker which started on the 13th February 2007.

- Tracker stats show 152,977 registered members and 360,250 uploaded torrents.

- The biggest negative of DT is noticed straight away.. clicking anywhere on the home page will redirect you to a separate pop up page offering spam bullshit like windows pc cleaner etc. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THESE unless you want useless add ons and even malware from non trusted sites. Close the window and return to the tracker. Another negative is the constant advertising throughout the tracker and most are NSFW adult advertisements. Not an ideal tracker to use if you have children present.

- Members can browse through ebooks, games, movies, music, 'other', porn, programs and TV series. All porn content is hosted on a separate page and once upon a time required age verification to view it. Kinda pointless with the porn advertisements everywhere though.Downloading and seeding back is easy for the most part. A lot of torrents have good seed numbers and good seed retention, the best part of DT is it's a ratioless tracker but remember to seed because you still receive seed bonus points.

- A cool feature is being awarded medals for seeding, upload amounts and for the length of your membership. They offer two forms of betting for sports, formula 1 and a halloween figurine hunting game which all can be found under the games tab.

- Seed bonus is offered and can be exchanged for gold, points donation, upload, invites and removal of advertising. Signups are currently set to invite only and costs 5,000 points for one.

- Donating is via sending a text to one of the numbers you can see listed in the table below. To receive your goodies just enter the received code in to the box on the DT donation page. As a thank you members will be gifted upload credit, bonus points, VIP status, donor star, increased download slots and ad removal.

- An okay tracker to join if you don't mind the stupid ads and redirects.



XXX - Adult






Pretimes 7/10
Community 5/10
Content 6/10
Speed 6/10
Tracker Rating 6/10