| Movies & TV | 2015 Review

Tracker name Classix
Tracker Genre Movies & TV
Tracker URL
Tracker Singup Closed / Invite Only
Ratio requirements Ratio Free
Bonus System No
Maintaining Ratio Easy, but not needed
Tracker Birthday April 2014
Total torrents 6.733
Total users 895
Banned Countries N/A
Tracker IRC N/A
Tracker's F/B Account N/A
Tracker's Twitter Account N/A

Classix is a quite new Movies and TV tracker, pretty much unfamiliar to most film fans.

This tracker was a very pleasant surprise for me. First things first:

It is mostly a full dvd and blu ray tracker.
It is a non maintream movies and TV tracker.
It specializes in older, classic, retro, rare, arthouse, obscure stuff.
It does not say no to new movies but in the same, not
maintream standards.
It is ratio free!

As their sysop says, their aim is to offer exact copies of original classic film and TV show DVD's in DVD files format that have not been ripped, stripped or compressed in any way, and include the original cover and disk artwork.

Actually, this goes for some 95% of tracker contents. Every now and then there are very few rips and HD rips, but this is a very small minority.

Lossless music is also available in a small quantity, mainly sountracks.
Applications needed for dvd/blu ray editing, reauthoring, copying etc, are also there.

This is a rather small but quite active community, with well seeded wonderful material.

Speeds are from excellent to good and a lot of files are supported by seedboxes.

There is not any seed bonus point system, as they are ratio free. Ratio is counted but does not matter. They do not impose ratios, as they would rather promote an environment where people participate freely and gladly. They just encourage people to try and keep an overall ratio at or above 0.5. Absolute ratios are not strictly enforced, but this can change if this gets seriously abused.

In short, this is a very much underrated tracker, mostly because people do not know about it!
A marvelous, worthwhile, friendly community, a wondrous tracker, fine and simple in use, with not much the common luxury features used elsewhere, but with a true passion for not mainstream movies and high technical quality. The absence or ratio and donation cries are more additional advantages.




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