Tracker URL
Signup Closed / Invite Only
Tracker type Ratio Based
Seed difficulty Medium
Bonus System Available
Banned Countries None
Tracker IRC Address: irc://
Channels: #bestfriends #bf-support #gu
Tracker Release Year Unknown

May I introduce you BF(old Bitfactory) a German general tracker. Well the history of this tracker is pretty sad. Some years ago there was a big German tracker(don’t remember the name), at that time it was the best tracker with a strong community. Like the most of the tracker they closed their doors for ever. So other tracker went online. One of them was BF…I even think that the first TS, TH, BTF staff also comes from this old tracker

The future of BF seems to be quite good and a lot of p2p releaser called BF their home…Over time the tracker started to create a lot of payment methods for donation…This went so far that you even could pay for freelech or to put your uploads at the top of the torrents search.. So user and releaser start to leave the tracker because it became more and more a pay for warez tracker

Well now this tracker still have some of this payment feature but I think they start to slow them down. The tracker is now a decent tracker with some content and good speed. You don’t really need this tracker if you are on another good german tracker but it’s also not that bad to have a acc there.
If you want an invite, you must know somebody who invite you, there is no other way to get an invite. You also can trade an acc if you want.
Nevertheless this tracker is quite secure and not that bad.

I wish you all good luck.