Tracker Name AwesomeHD (AHD)
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre HD
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Maintain Ratio Easy
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

  • AwesomeHD (AHD) is a well-known private tracker for HD content & considered one of the best and most desired trackers on HD Movie|TVShows area.

  • The tracker itself has excellent torrents, all of course HD. All torrents have been specifically encoded for AHD, with best quality in mind. The site also has in-house encoders.

  • People who encode and are dedicated to the site. Majority of time they encode for HD (1080p BluRay) and HD audio. These releases are called 'internal releases' - the site averages around 5 new releases everyday, along with other normal torrents.

  • Recently , many internal groups left out (e.g : OlSTiLe, Penumbra, Positive, SHeNTo) & ZQ that joined HDB.

  • It's a well organized tracker with cool theme/template and easy to navigate and get familiar to.

  • The download speed of torrents is great as well. You should be able to hit your max dl on most torrents. That is since a lot of users have seedboxes. Every torrent usually has a few seeders, and if there isn't then you can click the button "request reseed".

  • AHD is a top contender for HD torrents. The community is great, groups of dedicated encoders releasing new 1080p movies daily, and fast speeds. There's not much more you could ask for from an HD private tracker.

  • They have the ordinary well-designed bonus point system that you can Exchange your Bonus Points for Upload and vice-versa, you can also have a exclusive Custom Title and have a User Class Promotion with some of your points.

  • There is a good selection of torrents, although it could be better. There's a request section if you don't see what you want & Most torrents have great speeds, a lot of peers have seedboxes, for even better speeds.

  • tbh , AHD is a good tracker regarding to content/speeds/etc.. But un-fortunately they ban alot & so risky to deal much with them. So IMO you can go to other alternatives like HD-Torrents & similar easy to deal / join trackers.

  • Hope that you'll like my review , leaving you with screenshots.






Ratio Rules

Bonus Point Store


Pre-Time -/10
Speed 9/10
Content 8/10
Community 7/10
OverAll 8/10