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Thread: Apollo | APL | Music | 2018 Review

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    Apollo | APL | Music | 2018 Review

    Tracker Name Apollo (Aka.Xanax)
    Tracker URL
    Tracker Genre Music
    Tracker SignUp Invite Only
    Maintain Ratio Medium
    Banned Countries None

    Tracker Description

    • After the closage of What.CD & the long down-time for Waffles been facing , Apollo (Aka.Xanax) a private music tracker arised from the shadows on 19th of Nov. 2016 & Officially launched by Nov.25th 2016.

    • Will be something different guys in this review , i'll make it like a Questionnaire ! as you'll see in becoming lines

      > Why Apollo is named as that ?
    • No one exactly the reason for a music tracker named (Apollo) , some people says there was NASA's Apollo mission setting foot on the moon on 19th Nov.1969 maybe just a Co-incidence.. But mostly would be named after the Greek GOD of music (Apollo) & you'll see that phrase in Wiki picture down.

      > How is it going with Apollo ?
    • APL got around 32K registered members (with 5K less than last 2017 review) & Over +700K uploaded torrents (with App. 125K MORE than last 2017 review) . These numbers of stats really describes how Apollo is a great tracker indeed with a huge room for improvments.

      > Apollo Organization & how it works ?
    • APL follows the Gazelle content organization system , Torrents are grouped as : Artist / Release Type / Release Edition / Release Format . In addition to music , Apollo is like other music trackers have other non-music content stuffs like software, audiobooks, e-books, e-learning videos & comics.

      > What about the activity on Apollo ?
    • as we said above with 32K registered members , Requests are being fulfilled as fast as possbile with strong & active community around.

      > How i could survive on Apollo ?
      - Maintain good standings on APL isn't that hard , but you should follow up some things & try to do it on ALL of your music trackers (not APL only!) :
    • UPLOAD : most important thing on any music tracker , is to upload your own torrents if you can by seedbox . that's the Easiest way.
    • FreeLeech torrents : staffs Picks are set to be free to leech , also in special occassions (Global freeleech) turns on.. you MUST get your seedbox ready to snatch uploaded torrents once uploaded at that time.
    • Bonus Points System : in last 2017 review there was no bonus system , but NOW it's implemented where you can buy yourself Freeleech tokens to help you get good standings there.

      > What's freeleech token ? how it works ?
    • Freeleech tokens allow you one free download of any uploaded torrent you want that's not bigger than 2GBs. when you use a token on a specific torrent , by that way you'll have a personal freeleech on it for 96 hours Or until you snatch the whole torrent (Whichever comes first!).

      > What about Pre-Times / Speeds ?
    • Pre-Times on Apollo are extremly great as you won't have to wait long for new releases to be available , EVEN some are uploaded before their official release dates.
    • About tracker's speeds , the majority of content is very well-seeded & got healthy number of seeds makes the download speeds not an issue at all.

      > Is it hard to join Apollo ? how invites come by ?
    • Staffs at APL makes the tracker is fairly easy to join , that's actively encouraging and fostering an attitude of sharing trying to be flexible.
    • Invites are class-based and are awarded twice a month to Power Users and above , you'll see the userclasses promotions in PICs below.

      > Does Apollo worth joining ?
    • SURELY! if you're a music-lover , then APL should be your Ultimate goal to reach as it's really great tracker in all fields!

      > How's it comparing to REDActed (Aka.PassTheHeadPhones) ??
    • DON'T bother joining RED , not worth the whole risk as their staffs ban a lot for a reason or not. but RED makes it more harder to join to comply with the phrase (The more you ban , The more you're most-wanted! ).

      > Are there Banned countries on Apollo ?
    • No banned countries till now.

      > How to reach Apollo on IRC ?
      - IRC: Server: Port: 6667 or +7000 for SSL
    • APOLLO - Main channel for general chat. New users join this channel by default.
    • Announce - Site announce channel where new uploads are announced.
    • Help - Help & support.
    • Disabled - For disabled users seeking to be re-enabled.

    • That's how i made it guys , i hope i've spotted the light on each criteria on APL.. Leaving you with screenshots

    Login Page







    Top 10


    Upload Tutorial





    Bonus Points Shop

    Bonus Points Calculations

    Invite Priviliges

    FreeLeech Tokens


    Donation Page


    Pre-Times 8/10
    Speed 9/10
    Content 9/10
    Community 8/10
    OverAll 9/10

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    Since been taken down as servers were not paid for plans are for it to be replaced:
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