Anime no Sekai | Anime NSK | ANSK | Anime | 2017 Review

Category Anime
Tracker Type Ratio-Based
URL https://www.ansktracker.net/
Initial Year 2005
Getting In Easy
Signup Closed | Opens sometimes
Bonus Points Yes
Torrents 607
Registered Users 77,600
Maintaining Ratio / Seed Difficulty Normal
IRC Channel irc://irc.rizon.net/AnimeNSK
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AnimeNSK
Banned Countries No


Anime No Sekai is an anime tracker with portuguese internal fan-subbed TVShows & Movies. You can also find some anime related music albums and music collections. There are around 600 active torrents, some of them over 10 years old.

The tracker is active with a few hundred users online every day. Many threads and posts can be found in the forum, but uploads are rare as there are only internal uploads, there is only around one new torrent every week.

You can find some raw DVDs, but most of the files are encoded and very small, there are older DVD Rips (SD) and new BD rips (720p & 1080p). All new (BD) rips are encoded with x265-10bit. Music Albums and collections are uploaded as MP3.

Finding Leechers isn't easy, but they have a bonus point system for upload credits and you only need to maintain a ratio above 0.25. There is also a (M)IRC Packs list and tutorials about how to use it as well as some other tutorials.

The desing looks good and the interface is very easy to handle, there are some minor clipping bugs while scaling the size, but that won't effect the usability. The shown images on top of the homepage are changing with every selected tab. Tthere is no english translated interface and google instant translator doesn't work here.

Anime Fans looking for portuguese subbed content will probably enjoy the tracker and the content.


Content 6
Speed | Seeded Content 8
Interface | Design 7
Community 8
Overall Experience 7


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