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Want to be part of our community, learn new things and help the tracker?
We would like to announce that we have vacancies in the Uploaders team for the position of Jr. Uploaders. Come over
with us, fill out the application now, and we will give you an answer in no time!
What are the attributes of a Junior Uploader?

  • Uploading materials that are not on the site
  • Subtitle synchronization check before uploading to the site (in the player)
  • Checking and uploading the required materials under Requests

What are the benefits of this class?

  • Possibility as in the future, if you look like you deserve, join the staff
  • You can help the community in a superior way
  • The ability to receive invitations on other larger sites, invitations that not everyone has access to.

What are the minimum requirements?

  • Minimum User class
  • Do not be part of other Staff teams of other trackers in Romania.
  • Correct knowledge and expression in Romanian or English.
  • Free time and desire to learn.

Applying to this function without being active in the position is sanctioned with warning of 4 weeks.

NOTE: We do not require you to know everything. We offer training
for whoever gets the job.

Application Form:
1. First name:
2. Free time to invest in tracker:
3. Have you been active before as a uploader / staffer here or on another tracker? Which?
4. What differentiates you from the rest of the applicants?
5. On what external trackers do you have an account?
6. Link to a upload / download speed test:
7. Are you an Uploader on another site? Which?
Applications are here

Failure to comply with the request form will result in its nullity and 1 week's notice.