TFPC wages war against Tamil Rockers, blocks two domains of the notorious site

The two domains of Tamil Rockers have been suspended with the support of the Tamil Film Producers' Council.

Notorious site Tamil Rockers is apparently in deep trouble as the Tamil Film Producers' Council (TFPC) has waged war against piracy. The anti-piracy unit from the guild has announced that it has successfully blocked two domains of the website.

Announcing the news on Twitter, the anti-piracy unit posted, "Tfpc antipiracy cell has suspended and . #killpiracy #saynotopiracy. [sic]"

Tamil Rockers is a popular piracy site which has affected the South Indian film industry in general and Kollywood in particular. The notorious website is known for illegal streaming and uploading movies from different domains.

Despite several open warnings by the producers, the website has continued to upload movies without any fear. On one instance, producer angry KE Gnanavelraja threatened to send the members of the website to jail and live stream it online if they pirate his Singam 3.

The website took it as a challenge and uploaded Singam 3 hours after the movie released in foreign countries.

However, things started changing after Vishal assumed the office as the president of TFPC. He has taken several measures to curb piracy following which several people involved in the piracy that includes two from Tamil Rockers have been arrested.

Notably, the anti-piracy unit has removed over 12,000 links of Rajinikanth's recently-released movie Kaala from various platforms and tackled the situation in an efficient way.