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Thread: Unblock Torrent Sites, Blocked Proxies, With Immunicity

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    Unblock Torrent Sites, Blocked Proxies, With Immunicity

    Is Immunicity free?

    Yes, Immunicity is completely free to use. It doesn't require any registration or any software to be installed. We are operated by Torrenticity, who run many of the UK's largest proxy websites, and have a policy to reinvest all revenue generated from advertising back into our services. The ad revenue is generated from sites such as torrentproxies.com and sportcentral.pw. If you'd like to help out, send Bitcoins to 1FLjigYRUianDzpMRXv9o8GHUWi7qrcCua

    In response to many torrent sites being blocked by ISPs in the UK, dozens of proxies sprang up to ensure that users could still enjoy access. However, ISPs responded to rightsholder requests by blocking proxy sites too. Now a new service has appeared that not only unblocks torrent sites, but also unblocks proxies. It’s called Immunicity – and it’ll crack Cameron’s porn filter too
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